Brigantia Vol. 1


Brigantia is a fantasy comic book series about a pagan goddess from ancient, pre-Roman Britain, thrust into the modern day. Dropped into modern London and cut off from the tribe that worshipped her, Brigantia must enlist the aid of new followers to defeat her nefarious brother Veteris, who has spent centuries feasting on the fear of Britain's people and gathering his strength.

This trade paperback collects issues #1-3 of Brigantia, and includes additional back matter including a pin-up gallery, concept sketches and process pages as well as a foreword by pagan author and practising druid Nimue Brown.

Praise for Brigantia:
Hamish Steele [Deadendia, Pantheon]: "A true hero for today's Britain... relatable, yet inspiring."

Michael Molcher [I Am The Law]: "A story of our time - about immigration, loyalty, hope, belonging, and the insipid spectre of nationalism."

Joe Glass [The Pride, Glitter Vipers]: "Brigantia bridges the past and present in a fun and exciting way... a really enlightening read."

132 pages, full colour, perfect bound. 300 GSM silk gloss cover and 115 GSM uncoated interiors for a matte, textured feel. You'll also be sent a digital version of the volume in .pdf format so you can read it on your tablet, smartphone or PC.

The book will be bagged and sent by UK 2nd class/International Standard class in a sturdy cardboard mailer to protect it from shipping damage.

Writer: Chris Mole
Art: Melissa Trender (issues #1, #2), Harriet Moulton (issues #2, #3)
Letters: Nikki Foxrobot (#1), Aditya Bidikar (#2), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (#3)